Ben Havok to Release New Single: A Triumphant Return to Rock and Roll


Confident, catchy, and dripping with heavy riffs and defiant melodies, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Ben Havok’s latest solo effort proves that sticking to one’s roots can never steer you wrong. 

Set for release on June 28th and recounting a self-described “quest for purpose”, the up-and-coming musician’s second single, “All the Way” is both a nod to formative years spent listening to classics such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, as well as a determination to re-discover the sounds which encompass his own personal identity as an artist. 

“I've always been a rock n roll enthusiast and writer”, Havok explained, but “at some point I managed to forget that. So this is me showing my truest self. My most honest identity”. 

And luckily for fans, it’s through this objective type of self-reflection from which great songs are often born. 

Drawing from approximately 10 years of music experience in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, as well as his current role as a guitarist and backing vocalist in Los Angeles Alternative-Pop outfit, FUTURE FEATS, Havok is hardly a “new-kid-on-the-block”. Rather, using the knowledge he’s picked up along his journey, the talented artist is able to jump directly to the backbone of a good song and build up from there. 

Pounding drums lines and lively electric guitar melodies greet listeners at the start of the track and weave throughout Havok’s rough-and-tumble vocals. And whether it be the clever guitar solo or the themes of love and self-belief, listeners can’t help but admire the unique sound, simultaneously steeped in rock and roll tradition and sprinkled with Havok’s personal flair. 

But to the man himself, the most important aspect of “All the Way” is more than it’s flashy riffs or addictive beat. Indeed, “it’s a reminder to stay true to who we are and why we are creating” Havok states, because in the end, “that is what will take us to where we need to be”.

Ben Havok’s solo project is an independent venture involving no outside production or recording. His second single, “All the Way” is a part of a larger body of work tentatively scheduled for release later this summer. For information, updates, and more, follow Ben Havok on his social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Images courtesy of the artist.

Coverage by Jessica Nakamoto

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