Blue October in June


So my friend bought me a ticket to see Blue October at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas for last Saturday nights show. To be honest, I had never heard of them, I just thought it would be a fun night out. Boy was I surprised! This band was AMAZING!  Such a passionate, energetic collection of talent. Lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld kept the crowd jumping with his melodic voice and lyrics that are so relatable and some that tug at that deep place in your heart. With his brother Jeremy, who has been with the band since its conception on drums and their new lead guitarist, Will Knaak, who killed every song with his crazy riffs, the connection they had with their fans was so authentic and lovely to be a part of. 

Since I was new to their experience, I was super excited to see Ryan Delahoussaye break from the keyboards bring out his violin. Amazeballs!  And I can't leave out Matt Noveskey on bass guitar.  Not only is he a kick ass bass player, he runs his own recording studio.  These hard working, uber talented group of men had me dancing and jumping with the best of the super fans in the crowd.  The set list included "I Want It", "Home" and  "Should Be Loved" and from their new upcoming album that drops August 17, 2018, "I Hope You're Happy". 

These guys are so cool and down to earth...after the show they all were at the merch table interacting and thanking their fans with humble hugs and smiles.  As I was unable to attain a photo pass, my phone pix are all I have, but going forward, I will avidly follow this incredible band with hope of getting better pix.  And no matter what, I will always have a ticket to see and be apart of every Blue October experience when they are in town. If you are an Alternative Rock music lover and are looking for some killer vibes, Blue October is worth checking into.  And don't forget to add their new album "I Hope Your Happy" to your music collection.  I know you will love them as much as I do!!! 

Coverage by Cynde Dickey and Cover Photo by Mia Naome

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