Canadian Punks, Spanish Poetry, and Bloody Smiles with Chastity, MOURN, and Playboi Carti at the Observatory



Canadian Punk Rockers, Chastity, raw performance at the Constellation Room evoked locals to randomly jump into the audience at other's bewilderment. Their storytelling music videos catches the viewer's attention with contrasting rhythms from dreamlike vocals to heavy instrumentals. The ethereal track, "Heaven Hell Anywhere Else," delights listeners with elevating melodies and intense percussion. This daydreaming track was the first single off of their debut album, "Death Lust." The album was released on July 13th on Captured Tracks. Their hefty track, "Children" is reminiscent of 90's Alternative Rock accompanied by a chilling tale depicted in their music video of young angst. Catch Chastity on tour and listen to more tracks here.



Orange County locals experience a multitude of diverse shows at the Observatory and their intimate venue, The Constellation Room. The robust venue was visited by hundreds of music lovers as Playboi Carti sold-out the venue twice in one night. The youthful audience eagerly stood outside the venue doors in a line that wrapped itself down to the train tracks down from the back entrance. It was a sight to behold to see the venue filled from wall to wall by enthralled fans thrilled to see and get close to Hip-Hop artist, Playboi Carti. During his invigorating set, shotguns roared after each track awakening the patrons and the hard of hearing. After the first set was performed by the artist, the venue cleared for an intermission, and a second extensive line of starstruck fans waited outside for a chance to grab the prized spot in the venue. Know we know how the label CashCarti was created.



Barcelona's MOURN enticed music lovers in the Constellation Room with their sultry vocals and playful nature. They engaged the audience as they recited reflective poetry in an eloquent and seductive manner. The sprightly quartet filled the Constellation Room with a robust amount of energy as they performed track after track to a mystified audience. This youthful European band is a joy to see live. Their vivacious melodies and high-spirited personalities will win over any music lover. Also, released on Captured Tracks, "Fun At The Geysers," show off their good-natured personalities along with their vivacious vocals and entrancing melodies. MOURN's dark track, "Your Brain is Made of Candy," mesmerizes the viewer with an exquisitely beautiful music video with thunderous vocals and swift violins. Catch MOURN on tour and listen to more tracks here.

Coverage and Photography by Veronica Potes

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