Charlotte Dances The Night Away with half•alive, JA Collective, and Sure Sure



Sure Sure is a four piece Art Pop band based out of Los Angeles, California. Soon after touring with Young the Giant, they released their EP What’s It Like. They are known for their tracks, “Fat Lady” and their newest hit “Warm Animal.” Charlotte, North Carolina received the opportunity to see Sure Sure live as an opening act, before the group blows up.

Sure Sure started the night with the track, “Good Thing.” Their feel good energy pumped up the crowd for the night. Between songs, they kept the crowd entertained with jokes. Before the track, “What’s It Like,” they joked it was about their bassist, Michael Coleman, finding his soulmate in the pasta aisle (while shopping for macaroni) at Whole Foods. They closed with their song “Hands Up, Heads Down,” and had the entire audience put their hands up and their heads down, dancing like “groovy zombies” After their set, the long line at their merchandise stand proved they made a mark on the Charlotte crowd.



Half•alive’s set kicked off with the track, “ok ok?,” which is the opening song on their new album Now, Not Yet. Next was the track, “RUNAWAY,” a single off of Now, Not Yet. One of the elements that makes half•alive performances special, is JA Collective. JA Collective is a dance duo who joins the band on stage. It is comprised of Jordan Johnson and Aidan Carberry. Lead singer, Joshua Tyler, also takes part in the dancing. During “RUNAWAY,” JA Collective entered the performance. The crowd went wild as soon as they stepped foot onto the stage. 

September 27th was a special night for the trio. It was member J Tyler’s birthday. In honor of his birthday, the band caught him off guard by letting him know instead of “Happy Birthday,” he could choose one song for the audience to serenade him with. His choice song was “Titanium” by Sia. They then transitioned into their last few songs, starting out with their hit “still feel.” As soon as the song began the crowd went wild. The infectious beat had everyone in the room dancing. half•alive surely knows how to write a catchy tune, but the band’s songs are more than just songs to dance to, their lyrics run deeper. They had a huge set of LED lights lighting up with words and designs. The lights were mesmerizing, especially during their song “Aawake at Night.”

They closed the night with their song “creature.” After the set, fans lined the barricade in hopes to get a setlist. Sure Sure stuck around inside and spoke with fans waiting to meet them. Once the venue security told everyone it was time to leave, some fans gathered at the buses in hopes to meet half•alive after their meet and greet. It was well worth the wait, and these lucky fans got to chat with the band. Overall, Sure Sure, half•alive,  and JA Collective gave Charlotte a fun filled night of music and dancing.


Coverage by Drayton Peterson

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