Chromatics, Desire, Heaven, and In Mirrors prove Italians Do It Better during Chromatics Comeback Tour



The Orange County venue was filled with bright neon lights and pulsating retro images from the stage as Italians Do It Better record label took over the night with their showcase of artists: In Mirrors, Heaven, Desire, and Chromatics. The dim lit stage shined an aurora on Dark-Synth group, In Mirrors. Introducing the cinematic show at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California was Vancouver artist Jesse Taylor. He performed tracks from his debut LP, “Escape From Berlin.” The LP was recorded at Nite Prison in Vancouver, British Columbia. The obscure noir LP was produced and mixed by Johnny Jewel of Italians Do It Better. The noir track, “Human,” transports the listener into a melodic trance with heavy drum and synth beats that can be felt up against the chest. Underneath the percussion, faint melodies, and lyrics pierces the artistry. Mysterious singer-songwriter, Jesse Taylor, recites vivid imagery through eloquent poetry in between murky synthesizers.



After In Mirrors performance, Electronic group, Desire, stepped unto the main stage in their magnificent glam attire. The stylish group compromised of artists: Megan Louise, Johnny Jewel, Nat Walker, and Heaven were perfectly stoic on stage until the energetic melodies poured out of their fanciful instruments. Listeners may recall the memorable track, “Under Your Spell” featured in fashion shows and on the acclaimed Los Angeles based soundtrack for the film, “Drive,” featuring actor, Ryan Gosling. The vibrant synthesizers meshed eloquently with Canadian singer, Megan Louise’s pleasurable vocals. The dreamy power Pop ballads echoed throughout the venue and into the ears of audience members. The pivotal lyrics, “I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, I do nothing but think of you,” remained with the listeners even after Megan Louise chanted the love spell over the audience.

Accompanying Megan Louise on-stage was Los Angeles artist, Heaven, on synthesizer bestowing Andy Warhol-esque designer sunglasses. Her debut track, “It’s Not Enough,” on Italians Do It Better is a hauntingly nostalgic track captured by echoing synthesizers and lulling vocals.



The glamorous night closed with the long-awaited performance by Electronic group, Chromatics, The group is compromised of Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller, Nat Walker, and Johnny Jewel. This stirring tour was the comeback tour for Chromatics after five years away from the spotlight. Their invigorating live performance included various tracks from their vast discography with songs such as, “Cherry,” “Night Drive,” “Kill For Love,” and covers such as “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. Their European disco infused melodies set the mood on the venue floor. The rousing track changed the room from a local venue into a Studio 54 mock-up dance floor.

The electrifying live show featured a cinematic experience with artwork on projectors by Johnny Jewel and Danny Perez. The Italians Do It Better tour is a must-see concert experience for avid noir film lovers and retro music lovers. Stepping into the Orange County venue, audience members fell into a retro movie house with vivid imagery, vibrant neon lights, and distinguished melodies. The colorful merchandise was a candy store for music collectors. The alluring merchandise booth was stacked high with coveted vintage-inspired movie posters, dynamic illustrated t-shirts and sweatshirts, and captivating vinyl covers. Classic cinematography, evocative design, elaborate music, and captivating live performances are not only their signature but proof that Italians Do It Better. If you don’t believe these team of European enthused artists, stream films by Italian actors, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni.

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Coverage by Veronica Potes

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