Cloe Wilder Talks Personal Inspiration, Her Upcoming Music Video, and Working with Grammy-Winning Producer Jayme David Silverstein


Building off a successful YouTube cover series and exciting debut release, Florida-based singer/songwriter, Cloe Wilder, has once again returned with personal material that reflects both relatable content and surprising wisdom beyond her 13 years. 

Released July 19th, and produced by Grammy winner, Jayme David Silverstein, Wilder’s second single “i don’t wanna” is filled with staples of the young artist’s dark/pop style. 

A mixture of both light vocals and electronic beats, as well as wooden percussion and acoustic elements, Wilder has come away with an atmospheric and recognizable sound, a good sign for any artist-on-the-rise. 

And, with an accompanying music video set to drop on August 2nd, we had the pleasure of speaking with Cloe about her upcoming video, songwriting process, musical inspiration, and more!

When did you first realize that music was the career path for you?

I would say that happened when I first got contacted by a producer. It’s a very different feeling when somebody in the music industry, who’s worked with different artists, tells you you’re talented. I was used to my mom telling me that.

Have you experienced any benefits or challenges of diving in at such a young age?

I haven’t been in the industry that long, but being taken seriously is something I have to work at. I have to prepare for conversations and attempt to be at the same level as people who have been at it for most of their lives.

You’ve had a lot of success with your YouTube series covering various artists. What was your reasoning behind starting the cover series, and why continue even after releasing your own material?

I just wanted to get my name out there without having to release personal material yet. I, as an artist, wasn’t ready. Plus, I had 200 followers, so I needed to build. I grew a love for covers, and being able to cover artists that I admire. I think covers are an opportunity for anyone. 

Are there any artists that inspire you musically?

I talk about Lana Del Rey a lot. She was the first artist I ever added to a playlist. Lana was my first love when it comes to music.

Could you walk us through your songwriting process?

Everyone’s process is different, but my best material comes out about five minutes after I’ve experienced something. As I get older, more happens, and better lyrics come out. Concepts are really important - if you don’t have that, then you’re starting out confused, in my opinion. I start from the very beginning, verses, pre’s, because then I’ve been exercised enough for a hook. I’ve found positives in other methods too, though. I just recently got introduced to a “mic pass”, which is great in co-writing sessions. I’m by myself most of the time, so it’s really refreshing to co-write.

What is the biggest takeaway that you would like people to come away with after listening to your music?

I just want to make people feel a little less lonely. I want my music to be the person in your life you never had.

Your second single "i don't wanna", was released July 19th, and the music video comes out August 2. What was the inspiration behind this song and what can fans expect from your latest video?

“i don’t wanna” is just my way of saying that I lost some friends. This song outlines a time in my life that I regret. That’s how I’ll always remember it.

It’s a sore subject for me, so it was a little harder to film. I think it was important, though, for me and for the audience that I’m creating, to know this story. It’s about me being a bad friend. That’s hard to admit, but that’s really what it is. This video has everything in it that I regret.

“i don’t wanna” is the third original video I’ve shot, and I decided I wanted to be more involved in it, which made it more of a process. Every time I watch a video of mine that I didn’t have much of a say in, I get uncomfortable. I wanted to be proud of this one.

 You worked with Grammy-winning producer Jayme David Silverstein on the new track. How did this collaboration come about?

Being in a room with Jayme Silverstein is crazy … he’s all talent. Every bone in his body. I met Jayme in a co-writing session, technically a “writing camp”, and continued to work with him. I’m so grateful for him.

Will these two songs be part of a larger release, or do you have an album or EP in the works?

Yes! We'll be consistently releasing singles. I'm continuing to write and record. Eventually, that'll lead up to an album.

Lastly, what are you most excited for in 2019?

I want to write some more music. I want people to hear it. It’s hard, working on all of this, and figuring yourself out, but feeling like nobody else understands, because they haven’t heard it yet. I’m ready to be the artist I’ve been envisioning.


To keep up with the latest news and updates, visit Cloe’s official website and follow her on social media here.

Coverage by Jessica Nakamoto

Images courtesy of the artist and Google. Press Photo: Nathan Groff (model - Bryce Xavier).

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