Cold War Kids Heating Up The Music Farm





If you didn’t know who the band Cold War Kids were, you did after leaving The Music Farm this Wednesday night. This indie rock band from Long Beach, California, sold the venue out which could hold up to 800 music listeners. Band members; Nathan Willet (vocals and guitar), David Quon (guitar and backing vocals), Matthew Schwartz (backing vocals, keys, and guitar) and Joe Plummer (drums), put on an electrifying performance that kept the crowd dancing and singing all night long.

As the doors opened, fans started spilling in one by one. The front of the stage quickly became full right before the opening act came on. It was Arlie, an indie rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. It wasn’t long after the band started their performance for the crowd to warm up to them. Everyone in the room was dancing. About an hour later of positive energy flowing through the building, the lights went dim and it was time for the set everyone came to see, Cold War Kids.

The room was dark, and by this time the whole venue was shoulder to shoulder all the way to the front doors. The crowd was anxiously chanting and screaming for the band to arrive on stage. As their intro started to play you could feel the energy rise once again. Lights started flashing and fog started to pour out. Here came Cold War Kids.

Songs such as Hang Me Up To Dry, Love Is Mystical, and First were performed and everyone went wild. Before the crowd knew it, an hour and a half setlist quickly came to an end. The band exited the stage but the fans weren’t going to let them leave without an encore. After a two song encore the night was ending. There wasn’t a person in the venue leaving who wasn’t sweaty from the fiery energy both bands gave off all night.  If you didn’t know who Arlie or Cold War Kids were before coming to their show at The Music Farm Wednesday night, you’ll definitely be returning next time they come to town.

Coverage by Marisa Riel

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