Cursive brings Emo Rock to Nashville


Cursive is an emo rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was founded by frontman Tim Kasher, Matt Maginn (bass), and Steve Pedersen (guitar) as the aftermath of the breakup from their previous band, Slowdown Virginia in 1995. The band has actively put out albums throughout the years with a few hiatuses and lineup changes in between.

The band has been known to deliver highly conceptual albums with complicated themes seen in The Ugly Organ and Domestica. In Vitriolia, the latest LP from the band they still deliver complicated themes, this time addressing the angst towards a dystopic society and political events happening in the United States. This is the first album since 2006 to include original drummer, Clint Schnase. Vitriola was produced by Mike Mogis who has worked with the band since their beginnings as well as with Cursive’s former labelmates Bright Eyes.

Cursive is currently touring and promoting Vitriola, with their shows ending February 2019. Their shows are being supported by opening acts, Campdogzz and Meat Wave both from Chicago. The show in Nashville’s venue the Basement East was packed with loyal fans that have followed them since their first album. After the opening acts finished their sets, Tim Kasher and company went up on stage and proceeded to play the opening track from Vitriola, “Free to Be or Not to Be You and Me”. The setlist was long and it covered songs from the new album as well as some deep cuts that the fans wanted to hear. The band showed a lot of love for their fans and proceeded to play an excellent set, with the same aggressive guitar riffs found in the albums and the cinematic cello that adds an ominous effect to the songs. Kasher played only one guitar throughout his whole set and that was his rare Gibson Corvus.

Cursive is still keeping the sound from Omaha’s underground punk scene alive and the attendants at their Nashville concert were witnesses to it.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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