Daniel Caesar Helps Charlotte Find “Love Again”


Daniel Caesar performed a sold out show at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. Daniel Caesar is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who is best known for his track, “Best Part” featuring H.E.R. He is currently touring the United States on his “CASE STUDY 01: TOUR,” and the city of Charlotte was lucky enough to be a part of it. Caesar had a unique way of making a sold out show feel intimate. 

Kicking off the show, he performed "Cyanide" from his album, “CASE STUDY 01.” He mesmerized the crowd with his powerful vocals. His fans immediately began dancing and passionately shouting the lyrics. During the second song, he brought out a special guest, Sean Leon. They performed the song, “Restore the Feeling.” This was the first time Leon got to perform the song live with Caesar. It was a very special moment that the city of Charlotte was able to share with the performers. When he got off stage, Leon was singing and dancing along with fans the entire show, rooting Caesar on.

It seemed as if the fans along the barricade never missed a beat, and neither did Caesar. The connection between him and his fans was unbeatable. His face lit up as he let them sing into the microphone. It was impressive that everyone seemed so encaptured in his performance. He has such a strong stage presence that it made it hard to look away. He slowed down the night with his songs: “Complexities,” and “Too Deep to Turn Back.” During the track “Too Deep to Turn Back,” his background singers filled the room with captivating harmonies. 

He then transitioned into his hit track, “Get You,” which features Kali Uchis. This song got the crowd dancing once again. He followed this song with “Best Part.” The sing along that happened during this song was beautiful. Every person in the room was singing along. The last verses of this song were the height of this moment. “If you love me, won't you say something?” was shouted in unison. 

He winded the night down with his track, “Blessed.” He then performed the track, “SUPERPOSITION.” The crowd was especially loud during this performance. Sean Leon was still side stage signing every word and putting his hands up in praise. The night ended with his track, “ARE YOU OK?” The room felt empty as soon as he disembarked the stage. Afterwards, fans were still buzzing from the performance. Some lingered and were raving about how amazing the show was. One group was talking about how mesmerizing his voice was live, and how they were so happy to finally get the opportunity to see him in their hometown. Another girl said she felt inspired to go home and write music.

Overall, Daniel Caesar definitely did not disappoint the Charlotte audience at this sold-out performance. He left fans feeling inspired and content. Caesar has an undeniable stage presence that will have the memories of this show lingering in the minds of the crowd for years to come.

Coverage by Drayton Peterson

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