Disconnecting and Creating with The Voidz


What do you get when you mix blasts of color, retro-fashion, and synth-infused tribal beats? Enter The Voidz.

Musical director and lead singer, Julian Casablancas’ collaborative project, The Voidz, is an outlet for the artist’s creative and experimental artistry. This isn’t Julian Casablancas’ only music outlet, he owns his own independent record label and store, Cult Records, featuring The Voidz! Also, in between managing a record label and touring with his group, Julian Casablancas continues to tour with The Strokes, which created the foundation of his music endeavors. Exploration is key for The Voidz which is embarked on through innovative mediums. The Voidz’ creativity ranges from multi-colored cinema, foreign instruments and subliminal imagery in their songs, and retro-inspired merchandise.

The Voidz’ noisey distorted guitars blast into the listeners’ ears with a reverb of grungy synthesizers in the background. Julian Casablancas’ muffled gritty vocals capture the listeners’ attention as they try to decipher the mixed messages in each track. Not all tracks are heavily charged, energetic tracks such as “Leave it in My Dreams” are soothing and can be absorbed on a Caribbean beach with a daiquiri in hand. The energizing track, “Dare I Care” begins with a forceful mixture of African beats and Arabic trumpets with fast-paced lyrics. The cinematic 11 minute track, “Human Sadness,” incorporates sounds of melodic violins and screeching synth-guitars with romanticized vocals. Each artistic track is different from the other yet synchronized in experimentalism and innovation. Also, these modern experimental songs cover topics of politics, current issues, and cultural eccentricities.

The Voidz’ exploratory efforts are manifested in their bombastic music, edgy music videos, and hypnotizing live performances. At first listen, the alluring tracks and mixed-media imagery could be overwhelming but due to their mystery which creates a longing to search for answers. The Voidz combine mix mediums in their 80s’ inspired music videos, flyers, and fashion. Along with prominent Pop culture and worldly influences, heavy fuzed melodies and subliminal vocals are the signature staple for each track. There’s a vast amount of material in each visual aspect, mixed track, tee shirt, and short music film.

The Voidz will be kicking off their tour at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California on May 5th (Cinco De Mayo)! Check out the Voidz on their upcoming North American and European tour. They will be performing festivals throughout Poland, Spain, and Governors Ball in New York. For upcoming tour dates and more information on The Voidz, visit http://juliancasablancas.com.

Coverage and Photography by Veronica Potes

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