Dreaming about the DREAMERS’ Show at the Troubadour



Los Angeles based alternative band Rad Horror opened the night. Their grungy sound paired with their edgy look (including sunglasses indoors at night), gave them a simple coolness that captivated the audience. The crowd followed when lead singer Dylan Jackson Scott requested that they pretend that Rad Horror was their favorite band for the night. Then, two fans crawled onto the small stage and danced as the band jumped around too. Rad Horror concluded their set with a revamped version of “Benzos and Cigarettes”.



The last time I shot Weathers, it was May of 2017 at a small beach house show to celebrate guitarist Cameron Olsen’s 21st birthday. They tested the songs that are now a part of their debut album Kids In The Night. It is incredible to see how much Weathers has grown and improved since then. From Cameron Boyer’s eyeliner to hearing them play “Happy Pills,” it was evident how much their style has developed. And the energy that Weathers puts into their shows is absolutely unparalleled.



The rock trio DREAMERS successfully concluded their first headline tour. With their positive message stating that basically “nothing is impossible,”  they entertained fans through their pop-rock songs, highlighting the ones from their latest EP release, FLY. After slowing it down with an almost fully acoustic version of “Come Down Slow,” they brought the energy back up with a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet with Butterfly Wings.” DREAMERS played an incredible show, and clearly every member of the (surprisingly) diversely aged crowd enjoyed it.

Coverage by Sumin Choi

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