Emma Hern debuts Electrifying 4 track EP with hints of Nostalgia


Emma Hern is originally from Virginia but after she graduated from Berklee College of Music she moved to Nashville to pursue her musical career further. It is easy to tell in her recently released self-titled EP the influence that Nashville has played in her sound, but that does not mean she is just a country singer. Even though it is possible to hear hints of country on her music there is a wide mix of blues, gospel and rock. Her voice is powerful, dynamic and she has a great sense of delivery. The four track EP brings you a great insight of her songwriting. The songs have a sense of nostalgia that makes the listener feel familiar with Hern even if it is their first time listening to her songs. The fact that Hern preferred to record the songs by doing full takes with a complete live band adds a sonic quality that would have been difficult to accomplish if the instruments had been recorded separately.

The EP starts with “Stole My Heart” a very energetic track that gives a preview of what you will get in the next three songs. The majority of the songs in the EP are fast paced songs, but on the third track is where Hern brings a twist and she sings a slow song where the main elements are a piano and her voice. Hern manages to bring a lot of instrumentation and arrangements to her songs in a way that they work perfectly and the instruments do not clash with each other.

Overall the songs are very energetic and the sound of the full band leaves the listener wishing to see how an Emma Hern live show would sound like. With a debut like this there is no doubt that Emily Hern will be accomplishing a lot more in the future.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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