Fans braved through 113 degree weather at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles to see Australian singer songwriter Vance Joy.


Mondo Cozmo, a fellow indie/folk rock artist, won over the crowd with music that was both melodic and exciting. You know an opening act is successful when someone decides they cannot wait and proposes to their girlfriend two or three songs into the night. Cozmo quickly noticed and encouraged the audience to cheer for them.

Then it was time for James Gabriel Keogh, better known as Vance Joy. Fans screamed as a curly-haired, guitar-holding silhouette appeared onto the stage. He acknowledged the heat, and thanked the crowd for bearing it for him. Joy reminded fans to drink water by announcing that if he were to ever get a tattoo, it would say drink more water. Despite being a venue of nearly 6,000 people, the show felt very personal, as Vance Joy would tell little anecdotes behind or the meanings of each song. Perhaps the most memorable was about the biographical song “Little Boy.”

He explained that he did indeed fall of a bike at the age of ten. What isn’t revealed in the song is that this incident caused him to lose a front tooth, which was replaced by one that was too large for his mouth. He would later find out that this fake tooth actually glows in the dark! These snippets into his life created a better show than those of artists who exclaim “How are you, Los Angeles!” once and never speak again. Vance Joy gave off the impression of being a very humble and down to earth guy by thanking the crowd after each and every song he performed. Not to mention, he is incredibly talented and sounds exactly like the recorded versions.

Coverage by Sumin Choi

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