Father John Misty Is A Visionary Starting A Revolution Through Sound With His New Record Pure Comedy


Father John Misty is a robust artist of many trades, creatively expressing his perspectives, opinions, and experiences of life and humanity through comedy, poetry, tragedy, chaos, and rebellion.

He takes audiences through a personal and authentic protest through spoken art with a somewhat complicated, layered, and controversial approach seamed with dark underlying and touches of comedic relief. Pure Comedy is an unfiltered gathering of taboo topics that got put under a microscope through songwriting; this record analyzes and submerges into questions relating to the meaning of existence, contemplation of faith, controversial politics, the value and definition of moral status, vanity of the privileged artists.

The peaceful and calming instrumentals and vocals from Misty's folk aesthetic brings ease to the atmosphere as he is confronting such crucial and controversial content. Even the album cover gives this serene and peaceful first intention with the darker hues saturated in the night sky, but as your perspective changes the chaos is bluntly revealed and showcased for the world see under the darkness of the night sky. The dreary but luminant sky could also have a double meaning of paralleling to world ignorance, neglect, and blind-eye to the chaos of the world staring them straight in the face.

He is seemly trying to a visionary of a new revolution melting the peace and panic of society and humanity into a whirlwind of an album.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Kirby Gladstein

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