Get to Know Pop Band, OBB, and their New Song “7 Billion”


Formerly known as Oswald Brothers Band, Atlanta-based band OBB, comprised of brothers Zach Oswald, Jacob Oswald, and Nich Oswald, are quickly gaining recognition in the pop music scene.

Oswald Brothers Band has played to over 3 million combined audience members through hundreds of shows. They released their first EP in July of 2018. One of their most popular songs “Mona Lisa” has acquired over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, and was featured in a Google Chromebook ad and an episode of “Dude Perfect.”

The band is soon-to-be preeminent, so Soundbite was lucky to catch a flash with the brothers.

When did you guys start playing music together?

Being brothers, we have played together for as long as we can remember. But we formed our first band about 10 years ago.

Did your parents encourage music when you guys were younger?

Yes, they strongly encouraged us to at least learn how to play the piano, and they’ve always been 100% supportive of our musical journey.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

The Beatles, Coldplay, and Peter Gabriel.

What makes your latest release “7 Billion” special?

We are excited for people to see the music video because we wrote and directed the whole thing.

OBB just released their newest single and music video “7 Billion.”

What is the ultimate goal for OBB?

To headline a sold-out stadium tour.

When can fans expect a full length album?

This year!

Images Courtesy of Google

Coverage by Sumin Choi

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