Goodnight LA! Nick Caves dives deep into soul searching at the Forum


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will have you ponder on your life’s purpose. His introspective discography covers multiple facets of life such as finding love, growing from relationships, experiencing spirituality, witnessing evil, mourning death and embracing the moment. The group performed on Sunday, October 21st at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

The audience at the Forum were glued to their seats for his transcendental performance. Audience members traveled from different parts of the United States for an opportunity to be front and center for the show of a lifetime. One audience member mentioned he traveled from Northern California and waited outside the Forum as early as 2PM to grab his front row spot in the pit. Nick Cave has a way of capturing audience’s visually and emotionally.

Nick Cave was worth the wait as he climbed unto the black carpeted side stage and reached out to his audience at every opportunity during his elevating performances. The enamored audience reached for the beloved singer to participate in the charming serenade. He skillfully walked through the tightly packed crowd to a petite stage within the floor stage at the Forum. Nick Cave then sang several songs along with the crowd-goers and handed his microphone to audience members to sing along with him.

Later in the night, he brought a multitude of audience members unto the stage to experience a sublime concert experience. The fortunate music lovers sat on the floor of the stage as Nick Cave commanded and directed them to do so. He then asked them to place their cellphones away to experience the moment as it was happening. The audience members were fully engrossed by the up close and personal experience and magnificent performance. The starry eyed audience members had the opportunity to slow dance with the mystical singer-songwriter. It was a musical experience of a lifetime.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds delivered an elegant and mesmerizing show which lasted over two hours. The audience members shouted for more from the artists as if their set was not enough to satisfy their live music appetite. The dazzling live show left a soft mark on the hearts of the Los Angeles’ audience. It was difficult for the captivated audience to see the group depart the stage as Nick Cave bid the room farewell, “Goodnight LA!”

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds leave the audience desiring more from their live performance due to their dynamic showmanship, eloquent instrumentals, and personable demeanor. Their reflective tracks leave the audience in nostalgia of love lost, love gained, and more. The insightful melodies leave one daydreaming of moments from the past and moments that hopefully manifest. See more tour dates for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at

Coverage by Veronica Potes (@thespanishbardot)

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