Helado Negro Performs to an Intimate Audience at the Exit/In Nashville



Roberto Carlos Lange, better known for his stage moniker “Helado Negro” is an American multi-instrumentalist born to Ecuadorian immigrants. Lange’s sound is a melting pot of different textures and genres that are sometimes hard to describe due to its ever-changing nature. Lange first came to the scene when he released his debut album Awe Owe in 2009 through Asthmatic Kitty. Since then, Lange has released six albums and several EPs.

Helado Negro is currently on a world tour promoting his latest release, This Is How You Smile which was released in 2019 under RVNG Intl records. The album has gained critical acclaim by different media outlets and fans. The opening tracks in the album are an homage to New York which is where the songwriter is based. “Pais Nublado” which translates to “Cloudy Country” is the most political song in the album, it is a song about hope in spite of all the chaos going around us. The interesting thing about the songs in this record is how Lange manages to tastefully blend field recordings with his songs to create even deeper layers which can be noticed in songs like “Echo for Camperdown Curio” and “November 7.”



Helado Negro’s Nashville show at the Exit/In was opened by Los Angeles based songwriter, August Eve. Eve recently release two singles titled “Know Better” and “You Already Know”. Her music remains in the pop realm and features lush synths and dreamy vocals.

Helado Negro started his set with “Please Won’t Please”, the opening track from his latest album. He then followed by playing solely songs from that album including fan favorites “Running” and “Pais Nublado”. He was accompanied by two musicians playing various instruments while he played guitar and sang. In order to make up for the lack of a rhythm section, Lange played tracks from his computer. Throughout the set, Lange and company would do improvised jams to transition from one song to another. The encore set consisted of “Transmission” which was played solo without any tracks, and “Are I Here”

Roberto Lange’s charisma makes his shows easy going and intimate while his bilingual songs do a great job at bridging the gap between people from different backgrounds.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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