Here Come The Mummies


If you love great music and having fun, Here Come The Mummies is a band for you! HCTMs consists of 5,000 year old mummies who play a brand of funk with touches of New Orleans jazz and rock mixed in that will wake the dead. They recently made the crowd come alive in Stamford, Connecticut where most of those in the audience were on their feet, dancing from the very first song until the end of the show. To say that HCTM is out of the ordinary is an understatement but that is certainly not a bad thing!!!

Apart from seeing a band dressed as mummies, you'll be entertained by many other aspects of their show. During their song entitled "Grind" they use a grinding wheel to give the song a bit of an industrial sound. At another point in the show, you'll see a couple members playing a pair of saxophones. No, not two mummies playing one sax each. Rather, they each play two saxophones, treating the audience to some hot licks from cool corpses. There are also a pair of extras dressed as Anubis, the God associated with mummification who fly "FREAK" flags, fire Roman candle confetti flags, and beat on metal trays with chains.

If that's not out of the ordinary enough, you might get to see a saxophone playing mummy riding a skateboard! At one point several members wandered through the crowd playing their instruments like a New Orleans Dixie / jazz band. This prolific band was formed in 2000 and has put out 9 full length studio albums as well as live albums and EPs. They have opened for some big names such as P-Funk, Al Green, Mavis Staples, and Cheap Trick! They've played large festivals such as Summer Camp, Common Ground, and Voodoo Fest.

They are constantly on tour so check out the schedule at and see them at a performance near you.

The Palace in Stamford Connecticut Set List:

My Party, 

Freak Flag, 

Ra Ra Ra, 

Fenk Shui, 

Tightrope Walker, 


Bring That Down, 

No Vaseline, 



You're Gonna Get It, 

Devil You Know, 

Hit Me, 

Attack Of The Weinerman, 

Make It Shake, 


Cruel Old Sun, 


Coverage by Rich Russo RP Russo Photography

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