Hippo Campus; Tap your Feet to the Melody of the Beat


What’s Indie Rock without a little Pop? “That’s the way it goes” when listening to musics new best friend: Hippo Campus. Hippo Campus is a peachy band, from St Paul, Minnesota, consisting of 4 dudes who radiate positive energy into their sea of fans. The fans absorbed the vibes as they uncontrollably bounced around to the beat of the sound.

Hippo Campus’ creates feel good dance music that fills one up with butterflies. They are a relatively new band, releasing 2 albums last year: Warm glow and Landmark. They self-produced “Warm glow” before signing to Grand Jury Records. Inspiring, right? Still on tour, with 4 shows left, Hippo Campus manages to keep adding more spark at each performance. Thank you Spotify for shining light on this blissful band!

What’s a main act without the perfect started band to get the crowd moving? Sure sure is a band of groovy dudes making the crowd move to their happy tunes. It’s one of those bands you can tell are there for their love of music and the people who support the music. The fans gained a deeper appreciation because Sure Sure handed out signed, free posters after the show with smiles on their faces. Check them out!

Coverage by Ivana Djiya

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