How K. Flay Brings a Twist of the Traditional Rap Music Scene with Her Artful Spoken Word


K. Flay is an untamable storyteller with the combination of playful, witty, fierce, and dark rhythmic wordplay. The rhymes and celestial beats unleash a magnitude of incredible mirrored energy with herself and the audience. Her cinematic appeal and aesthetic music videos will leave viewers with goosebumps and the addiction to her sound will shortly follow.

Her sound seems to have this authentic raspy feel ultimately complementing her to the point, realistic, and raw lyrical content. "Every Where Is Somewhere" is a blunt depiction of K. Flay's personal experiences and perspectives. She is not afraid to promote underrated topics to the surface and dissect her inner demons in front of the world. Maybe it is a way of coping and expressing her struggles through art and making sure that no one feels isolated in their experiences. She is merely representing every spectrum of human emotion and experience through her songwriting and artistic expression.

It seems as though her songwriting is taken from unfiltered pages of her journals and writings. There appears to be no afterthoughts or edits with her lyrics, it just is what it is. It is almost as if there are numerous and complex sides to the artist, and her music is her way uncovering them.

If you haven't heard of K. Flay, you are in for an explosion of sounds and undoubtedly relatable lyrical content that will leave you wanting more.  

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Kirby Gladstein

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