How Lo Moon's Intriguingly Soft Atmospheric Sound With A Punch Of Titanium Pop Will Make Audiences Remember Their Name


Lo Moon brings a tragically uplifting feel to the music they create, with heartbreaking lyric content, that are most prevalent in the songs "Real Love," "This Is It," "Thrones," and "The Right Thing." But the trio of Sam Stewart, Cristanta Baker, and Matt Lowell bring a vivid light by contrasting the lyrics with pop instrumentals that produce a beautiful balance.

Lo Moon's track "This Is It" begins with an intriguingly soft atmospheric sound that brings curiosity with every estranged poetic lyric.

"Parallel love

Innocently vacant

On the edge of breaking

Shouldn’t keep me waiting

Yesterday's drugs

Should never be taken

I Fell into rotation

Surrendered mistaken"

Then ultimately swooning the crowd by twisting the sound with a punch of titanium pop when the chorus is reached "This is it!"

Their way of visual storytelling is rather extraordinary, for example, the color variety, multiple screen visuals, character interaction and choreography, and light placement in the "Thorns" music video. The components of perspective, subject interaction, color, and lighting brought a lot of depth to the visuals and various layers of the narrative.

Even though Lo Moon came out with their first record in 2018, they are one to watch with their unique and distinctive soft atmospheric sound with a punch of titanium pop.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Veronica Potes of SoundBite Magazine

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