Hozier celebrates his birthday and St. Patrick's Day during his Wasteland, Baby! tour


Ireland based singer-songwriter Hozier recently released his second studio album, Wasteland, Baby!. Following this album release, he announced a tour which is set to travel through the United States and Europe. During the first week of this tour, Hozier visited Charlotte, North Carolina. This show was not only special because it was St. Patrick’s Day, it was also the singer’s 29th birthday.

To open the show, the musician performed the songs “Would That I,” “Dinner and Diatribes,” and “Nina Cried Power” from his most recent album. Hozier impressed the crowd with the power and accuracy of his voice. He then threw it back to his first album with songs like “Jackie and Wilson,” “Someone New,” and a beautiful, slowed down rendition of “From Eden.”

Following these songs, he performed “Wasteland, Baby!” the title track of his new album. Although it is about the end of the world, this song is beautiful. During the song “Nobody,” not a soul in the room was left standing still. The song “Almost (Sweet Music)” was the most energetic. Hozier’s entire band was clapping along to the beat, which lead to the crowd struggling to figure out the clap pattern as well.

Before the encore, the Grammy nominated artist performed his hit “Take Me to Church.” This powerful song had everyone in the room singing, some fans with tears in their eyes. After this performance the crowd immediately began chanting for an encore. The artist did not disappoint, and returned to the stage to perform his songs “Cherry Wine,” and “Work Song.” Before he was able to start “Cherry Wine,” the crowd interrupted him to sing to him for his birthday.

The choice of closing the show with two slowed down songs was very impactful. The song “Cherry Wine” is written from the perspective of a man in an abusive relationship that can not escape due to his love for the woman regardless of how she treats him. “Work Song” is a classic Hozier hit and talks about how a woman pulled him out of dark times in his life.

Overall, Hozier’s performance in Charlotte proved how talented and personable the artist is. After the encore he stopped to sign some things and shake hands with people along the front row. He also came out to meet fans out back after the show. Multiple fans shared that they had driven hours just to see the artist on this special night. This night will be one that fans cherish for years.  

Coverage by Drayton Peterson

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