Hozier: Wasteland, Baby! Tour and Soundbite’s Top Five Tracks


Ireland based singer-songwriter Hozier has had a busy few years. In 2013, he kicked off with his EP Take Me To Church. The groundbreaking title track, “Take Me To Church,” went on to become a platinum hit. After the release of the debut album, Hozier, the musician received multiple notable awards and a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year.

After touring for his debut album, Hozier took a few years off to begin working on new music. In September of 2018, the long awaited EP Nina Cried Power was released. This explosive return was followed with the announcement of the album Wasteland Baby!. In March of 2019, the second album was released. This album received immediate praise, and debuted number one on the charts in the United States and Ireland.

In the upcoming months, Hozier will be touring the United States and Europe on his Wasteland, Baby! Tour. In preparation for these shows- here are some of our personal favorite Hozier songs.

  1. Cherry Wine (Live)

This song is beautiful, and has an incredible meaning behind it. Hozier wrote this song to spread awareness about domestic abuse. It was recorded on top of an abandoned hotel at five in the morning so sounds of birds chirping and cars passing by are heard in the background. All of the proceeds of this song go to domestic abuse organizations. It is a vulnerable song with such a valuable meaning which gives this song our number 1 spot.


2. Would That I

Perhaps one of the more underrated songs from Hozier’s newest album is Would That I. With a gentle opening verse and a powerful chorus, this song highlights the classic Hozier sound that sets him apart from other artists of our time. The build up to these unbelievably strong vocals makes this a stand out track from Wasteland, Baby!


3. Almost (Sweet Music)

Released as a single before the release of the entirety of Wasteland, Baby!, “Almost (Sweet Music)” was received incredibly well with almost 30,000,000 streams on Spotify already. Hozier could not have picked a better song to showcase how much he has grown as an artist since his first album. Performing in a NYC Subway for a popup show, this video really showcases the ease and passion with which Hozier performs.


4. . Movement

Similar to “Almost”, “Movement” was released before the full album. Slow and sultry, Hozier brings a similar energy as “Take Me to Church” with this single. In a Reddit AMA, he was asked “when is the best time to listen to your new music?” to which he responded, “wherever despair hits, baby!” This music video is evidence of this despair and internal struggle Hozier is known to sing about.


5. Shrike

One of the top comments on a live performance of “Shrike” is “everytime I hear it it's like I'm listening to a memory and I'm brought back to the first time I've ever loved.” This deeper connection to his music is not anomaly. Besides an incredible voice, a lot of Hozier’s success can be attributed to his ability resonate with listeners. “Shrike” is the epitome of a song you just want to listen to on repeat because with every listen comes a new meaning.

Hozier’s newest album Wasteland, Baby! can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Tour dates and tickets for his North American tour, with supporting act Jade Bird, can be found on his website.  

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Coverage by Drayton Peterson and Jessica Matilszki

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