Jack and Jack


 As the opener finished her set and walked off of the stage. The young crowd grinned from ear to ear as they anticipated the headliners arrival. Some even chanted their name to hurry them along faster. The lights dimmed and a spotlight hit the right side of the stage as Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson walked onto the stage. The crowd went wild, from screaming young girls to screaming dads. 

The Jacks came and introduced themselves along with their first song. The crowd jumped up and down to the beat of the song, as they sung their hearts out. The crowd was hyped with an energy that never died throughout the set of Jack and Jack. From their pop like music that have catchy choruses to a high energy fan based. Jack and Jack are the guys to watch out for.

Next time they are in your time, check them out and you’ll leave a die hard fan singing their songs, that so easily, gets stuck in your head. Jack and Jack were born in Omaha, Nebraska. The duo met on the first day of kindergarten, both wearing the same shirt, both named Jack, and remained friends throughout their elementary and high school years. Jack & Jack's comedy career began in 2007 with the creation of their first collaboration on a Youtube channel named, MotherFalconQuagmire.

The channel included lip syncing music videos, short parodies of popular songs, and British- speaking lads. Although only made as a side hobby during free time, their videos were received by a considerable audience of hundreds. They’re comedic acts switched over to Vine which lead to over Million of views and exposure to outside of the application. Jack and jack got a deal to go on tour, Magcon in 2013, with other Social Media Influencers.

The music started in 2014 after the Magcon ( Meet and Greet Convention). From recording their first song to an album a year after. Jack and Jack had a road up ahead for them for success. Digitour came around and helped them with their exposure which lead them to meeting Skate Maloley, another artist on Digitour, that collaborated with the duo to prompt them for one of their most viewed and successful song, Like That. Jack and Jack will stop at nothing to become the well deserved artist they should be. They have released a five song album named Gone, which I would say is the one of the best music they released so far.

Coverage by Tia Powell

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