Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent 2017 Tour - Philly


This October Tampa Bay's indie/soul rock band Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent embarked on their 10-day 2017 fall tour while promoting their new EP and full length album "Best Supporting Actor". The boys were nice enough to let me tag along as their photographer to document it all. On our 5th day of tour, before leaving Jersey, we made one last stop at a local Italian deli Cuomo and Sons where I had probably the best (and biggest) piece of lasagna ever. With very full stomachs, we made our way to Philadelphia, more specifically a little town north of Philly called Manayuck. Before the show, we met Jordan's friend and fellow performer Vinnie Paolizzi at Pretzel Park where they recorded an interview for Vinnie's podcast, "What are You Listening To?"

After walking around the small, quaint downtown, and grabbing some food and beer at a local brewery, we headed over to the Dawson Street Pub. After arriving at venues and setting up the gear, everyone spent the time until the performance differently. For some, usually it meant eating and drinking beer. For Matt, it was finding the local Kava bar or vape shop-a puff of vapor was never too far behind with Matt around. Vince, not being a big drinker or having many vices at all, usually liked to hang out in the van and relax. Jordan liked to make sure everything was kosher and ready to go before the show, he then enjoyed some socializing and banter with new and old friends in the areas.

Emmit on this particular day felt the urge to climb on the walking bridge and electrical towers which were positioned along the sides of the local train track. We later were informed that some people had died who indulged in the climb from either the fall or electrocution; and we all shook out heads at him. After the show there was only one thing on our minds: Cheesesteaks. Once the gear was all loaded up, we made our late night stop at the famous, 24-hour Pat's King of Steaks, not to be confused with Gino's Steaks, which has been located directly across the street for 40 years. With hardly anyone there, though known for its infamous long lines, we were devouring warm, tender subs in minutes. The next morning, I made my 10-hour journey to my grandmother's in Waynesville, NC, while the boys made their 8-hour drive back to the Raleigh, NC area to enjoy a day off before their Charlotte show.


Coverage by Kelsey Walker

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