Keep singing, Keep breathing with Thousand Below



Starting off the set with 'Sinking In' with head-banging drums and kicks, guitar riffs fills the air of the venue as James DeBerg the lead singer sings the verses of the song. The crowd starts to sway side to side, bouncing their arms back and forth in the air along with beat of the drums and nodding their heads. The set continues with melodic riffs and catchy chorus, and lyrics that will have you in a daze. The bliss feeling running through your veins, as you start to crave for more as James sings his heart out with each song. Thousand Below is a band that will forever will be on your repeat within your playlist with songs like ' Sinking Me', 'Tradition' and 'No Place Like You'. Your body will involvitary start dancing on its own, and there's no stopping it.

Thousand Below rocked the show and had the venue in their feelings, singing their hearts out. Touching each and every concert goer soul, whether you are a fan or not, the lyrics to Thousand Below will have you change your mind. The feeling of heavy emotion filled the atmosphere and with the feeling of euphoria running through your veins. Hearing you favorite songs being sung live by your favorite band, is one of the happiest times in ones life. Feeling free and feeling as you are floating on a cloud.



Opening up the show for BlessTheFall and having a set before The Word Alive, is one of the many accomplishments Thousand Below has had within their three years of releasing their first album. Blowing their fanbase away with their air like vocals, emotional and passionate lyrics, melodic guitar riffs and neck breaking breakdowns. Most people compare Thousand Below to Underoath and Devil Wears Prada and many more. Formed in 2016, this Southern California Post-Hardcore Rock band, James DeBerg leading with heavy vocals, Josh Thomas and Devin Chance on Guitar, Josh Billimoria as Bass and Garrett Halax as the drummer. After contacting many recording labels, Thousand Below was able to impress Rise Records with a demo which featured some songs off of their album "The Love You Let Too Close', which later was released in 2017.

The fellow members of Thousand Below will be hitting the road along with Miss May I, The Word Alive and Afterlife for a twenty day tour across the states. Grab your tickets quick for the night of head banging with these rockers.

Coverage by Tia Powell

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