Le Butcherettes: Mexico’s beloved Garage Punks return after 3 year break with new label, new EP, and collaboration with Talking Heads' member, Jerry Harrison


Teri Gender Bender (born Teresa Suárez Cosío) is a Mexican powerhouse enigma of a musician. She leads Mexican Garage punk group, Le Butcherettes, who have incredulously teamed with The Talking Heads/The Modern Lovers famed Jerry Harrison on their latest three-song EP, “struggle/STRUGGLE."

We know the struggle and so does Teri Gender Bender. “The struggle is never ending,” Teri has quoted. “As a Latina woman, the constant battle within a steaming pool of perverted wagging tongues becomes a part of life, which on a sadly angled upside only makes for thicker skin … yet none of those struggles can compare to the internal fight of self versus m/other, m/other versus your world.”

The new EP features three versions of the same song, each giving a different twist to the track. The release can also be found being sold on Rise Records website in the form of a plexi disc. After three years of no releases, Le Butcherettes signed with Rise Records in April and celebrated with the release of their single and official video of “spider/WAVES”, also produced by Harrison.

Le Butcherettes have been around since 2007 and have created quite the reputation for themselves. Their shows are filled with raw energy and guts. The band is relentless, and Teri Gender Bender can often be seen sporting bloody aprons, bare feet, red lipstick and heavy eyeliner.

Fans continue to anticipate a full album to be released sometime soon, and there’s no doubt that Le Butcherettes will continue to power through releases, shows and more to come!

Coverage by Catherine Toruno and Photography by Veronica Potes of SoundBite Magazine

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