Shondra's Sweet Notes Take Over Denver


Rarely am I as happy to see two bands share the stage as I was for this line up. With singer/songwriter Jake La Botz, hailing from Nashville, TN and Low Cut Connie all the way from Philadelphia, PA, Denver opened their arms with a sold out show at The Hi-Dive. A diverse crowd, all coming together for the love of music, dancing, and laughter, the night couldn't have been better.


Jake brings classic looks, and classic sounds that hearken back to simpler times, where music didn't have to fit into a small boxed genre. Powerful lyrics meet a powerful evocative voice, and the audience couldn't get enough. With simple production -- sitting on a bench, guitar in hand, the entire focus was on the music that seems to come from his soul. Far from feeling like he was on a stage above the audience, it felt like an intimate gathering, sharing music and stories, as opposed to a standard performance.



When one thinks of Philly rockers Low Cut Connie, you can't help but think of Adam's beloved upright piano, Shondra, who ventures all over the country with these adventurous boys. With her dents and scuffs, she only enhances the charm and energy that these men bring to the stage. If you didn't think someone could do acrobatics while playing the piano, singing, and shaking their hips, you'd be wrong. Few people have the stage presence that Low Cut Connie front man Adam Weiner brings to the stage, or his coordination! From his shaking hips, to singing on top of his trusty piano Shondra, energy flows from these fellows into the audience, leaving them begging for more. These road warriors are often to be found touring -- keep an eye on for upcoming show dates, because a show with these fellows is one you should never miss.

Coverage and Photography by Marisa Finan-Goode

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