Mac Demarco Croons his fans at Intimate Solo Show


Mac Demarco is a man who needs no introduction by now, he is unarguably one of the most charismatic artists in the scene and has earned the title as the “Prince of Indie”. Demarco made his big debut with Rock and Roll Nightclub in 2012 but many have been following him way before that with his project, Makeout Videotape. During a short span of 5 years, Demarco has released five albums in which he progressively manages to captivate his audience even further.

This Old Dog is Demarco’s latest album and showcases his refined songwriting skills. In this album, we see the songwriter in an even more vulnerable setting in which he discusses his father’s abandonment that allows him to heal through a process of catharsis.  

After touring in support of his last album, the workaholic musician is back on the road to perform a set of solo shows. His band plays a big part in his live sound so it is interesting to see how he adapts to a solo setting. During Nashville’s show in one of the city’s most intimate venue, Demarco exclaimed that he was still getting used to playing live on his own. The show started with a song from the “album about salads” as Demarco explained while he proceeded to play “Salad Days”, the title track from his third album. During some of the songs, he asked the audience to help fill in for his band and to sing the guitar riffs and piano melodies. Throughout the middle of the set, Demarco brought out Nashville guitarist Melanie Faye to play “Eternally 12” a track they wrote together which began with an outstanding guitar improvisation from the two of them.

Mac Demarco has gained a reputation for his crazy stage antics, but it seems like he has left that in the past, although that does not mean that he stopped joking around and having fun. Mac Demarco solo tour is probably one of the most intimate settings that his fans can witness, but unfortunately many will be left with the desire since shows for this tour are sold-out.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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