South Florida Musical Journey with MUTEMATH and Colony House at the Fillmore Miami Beach


On September 29, 2017 my mind was expanded past anything I ever expected from a night of music headlined by MUTEMATH. Accompanied by Romes then Colony House, the night was filled with an energy I didn’t expect from a house nearly empty.

    Romes started off the night and gave us a great performance. A soul-pop band from Toronto, their sound is not something I usually gravitate towards. However, it was refreshing to start off the night with someone up beat and pop. As to be expected, the band before the opener never gets the attention they deserve. The lack of audience kept everything low level, but it set the tone for a more lively show to come.


    Up next was Colony House with a good transition into what the headliner was about to bring us. An American indie rock band with some hit songs and good albums; this group lifted the audience into the experience we were going to have. Everything about it was energetic and fun for us. My favorite part was to see the chemistry the band had with each other that translated over to the intimate audience they were performing for. In addition to great dynamics, the set the managed to put together was both simple and satisfying. With a huge lit sign displaying there name and a handful of standing spotlights, Colony House added to their sound with an atmosphere I always love to experience from an indie band. It was both intimate and quaint, but demanded attention.  

    As the night progressed I had no idea what to expect from MUTEMATH, but I felt set up for something special.  Not a true fan by any means, I always appreciated the sound they created, but didn’t listen to it on a regular basis. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed.

    The stage was set with multiple white keyboards, with one being front and center to be used by lead vocalist and keyboardist Paul Meany. This along with his use of a Keytar and vintage keyboards, synthesizers and amplifiers gave the show a charm and approachability that really stuck with me.

    The best part of the entire experience was Paul Meany’s vigor and commitment to the audience. In every song he gave us something to grab onto further than just nice music. From zealous keyboard solos to handstands on top of his keyboard, he gave a real performance.

Photography and Coverage by Martha Perez-Mendez.

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