Nashville's Iconic Rock Venue Exit/In Present Lotus


Lotus is a band that is often hard to describe to other people as they don’t really fit in one specific genre. The band is known for having a bit of jazz and funk elements in their music but what is really undeniable are their jam rock and electronic influences as well. The band’s combination of all those of genres has become to be known as “livetronica” or “jamtronica”.


Since the band’s creation in 1999, the band’s lineup has been consistent. Featuring brothers Jesse (bass) and Luke (guitar) Miller, Mike Rempel (guitar), Mike Greenfield (drums), and Cuck Morris (percussions). With a lineup that has stayed together throughout all these years, it is safe to guess that the members have developed a great way to communicate with each other musically and it is something that can be proved on their live performances.


The band presented themselves at Nashville’s iconic rock venue Exit/In. During the entire concert, the band played most of the songs without interruptions as to not stop the trance in which they put their fans in. The venue was packed with fans that did not stop dancing throughout the whole 16 song set.

The band’s heavy improvisation on stage helps make each concert feel unique and unlike others from the same band. What really stands out from a Lotus concert is not only the band’s remarkable performance but also the friendly fan base they have and the community they have created.


Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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