Native Tongue Tour with SWITCHFOOT


SWITCHFOOT is a Christian Alternative Rock band from San Diego, California. Made up by Jon Foreman as lead vocals, Tim Foreman on bass guitar and backing vocals, Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley on guitar and Chad Butler on drums. After an early success within their career, SWITCHFOOT gained their first mainstream recognition by contributing four songs the movie soundtrack, “A Walk to Remember.” This recognition led the band into receiving their first major record deal that led to their debut album, “The Beautiful Letdown” which featured their overall top hits “Meant To Live” and “Dare You To Move” and selling over 2.6 Million records. “Hello Hurricane” was their seventh album that received a Grammy award in 2011 for the Best Rock/Rap Gospel Album.

Tyson Motenbocker opened up the Native Tongue Tour with the track “Talk All Night For Nothing.” Colony House then stepped unto the stage with an upbeat track, “You Know It” from their 2017 album ‘Only The Lonely’. Colony House kept the venue hyped as they played numerous songs from their various albums. Anticipation filled the air as the audience waited patiently for the headliners to walk unto the stage. The audience stepped closer to the stage as they tightly squeezed into the closet spot to the stage. Bright lights beamed from the  strobe lights as the guitar riff of “Take My Fire” started to play and the audience’s screams filled the air.



Indie Rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, made up by two brothers Caleb and Will Chapmen, along with Parke Cottrell as bassist and Scott Mills as the guitarist calling themselves, Colony House. Founded in high school has made a name for themselves and have been topping the charts with their debut album, When I Was Younger, reaching number 154 on the Billboards and number 3 on the Heatseekers charts. WIth a sound of upbeat 'stripped-sound rock and roll', which the band describes their sound as, has been touring the world after their single 'Silhouettes' that hit the alternative rock radios as well as SiriusXM. Currently touring with Switchfoot Native Tongue Tour. Rocking the stage after Tyson Motsenbrocker, with catchy chorus and grooving beats, the crowd were electrified with guitar riffs and indie vibes. Adrenaline filing the veins of the concert-goers making them wish the night would never end. 


The night progressed with fourteen tracks and five acoustic sets from their albums. After ‘Dare You To Move’ ended, the audience could not get enough of SWITCHFOOT’s set and demanded “one more song.” As the audience’s murmurs began to lower, the sudden change of the headlights and guitar riffs of “Native Tongue’” began to play and the audience scattered back into their previous spots. SWITCHFOOT blessed the audience with not just one encore song but three songs that left the audience highly satisfied. The group ended the concert with the track, “Where I Belong.”

SWITCHFOOT has collaborated with the company, Food For The Hungry, to spread awareness of those who do not have the proper resources for survival, such as fresh water and food. Food For The Hungry is an organization that provides life changing resources to those who are in need, along with food and clean water, medical aid, equal education to both genders and vocational training. Food For The Hungry works along side with local leaders of the communities and invite them to contribute to the process of spreading awareness. In 1971, Food For The Hungry was founded by Dr. Larry Ward and responded to the disasters within Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Romania, and West Africa. In the 1980s, a self support staff program called Hunger Corps was launched to provide a way for individuals to work in the field for food and support. Food For The Hungry has assisted over millions of people around the world with proper resources to living a substantial life. 

Coverage and Photography by Tia Powell

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