New Dialogue Opens Up The "Finding It Hard To Smile" Tour For Lovelytheband


New Dialogue is an Alternative Indie-pop group based from Los Angeles, California. The quintet band is made up by Ela Kitapic and Taylor Morrow (vocalists), Jason Rodriguez (drummer), Michael Sevilla (guitar) and Jeff Badagliacca (bassist). The five musicians as a sound-like an airy Paramore vibe, with a contrast from serious tones of underground Rock styles. Almost like a stripped-down quality of Punk, but also "the sweetness and catchiness of mainstream Pop.” New Dialogue single ‘Loose Ends’ has a sound if you close your eyes,  a calming visualization will take over, that will guide you to imagine floating on a cloud.

Born in England and raised in Istanbul, Ela moved to Los Angeles during her teen years where she befriended Taylor. Bonding over multiple movies and music, the duo searched on the internet for a fit-like members  to unite a band together, as we know as New Dialogue. With the band sharing a three-bedroom apartment and creative space, they spent a year writing and recording in the studio with their producer Charlie Park before making their live debut during June 2018, with “Fake Smile.” Releasing “Neon Ocean” and “Are You Like Me” as singles in 2019, New Dialogue released their EP on May 3rd. “Teach Me How to Feel” is out and can be streamed on multiple streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Check out New Dialogue on all social media outlets, and pick up tickets to their upcoming locals shows as they are currently touring with Lovelytheband.

New Dialogue opened the stage for Lovelytheband, with high energy which can be felt throughout the venue. “Neon Ocean” as the opening song which starts off with a guitar riff sounding as raindrops on a windowpane. Ela and Taylor’s singing had a dark undertone of emotion and friction. With bright blue LED lights matching the vibrant lyrics as they are being singing. New Dialogue caught the hearts of the concert-goers with their catchy melodic lyrics and cloud like instruments. The venue was filled with colorful LED headlights and arms swinging in the air along with the band on stage.

For more information, check New Dialogue on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Coverage and Photography by Tia Powell

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