Night of Synth Wave at 1306 Miami - Private School & Los Wálters



Private School took the stage with a soothing ambient performance of groovy beats, synth melodies, and guitar grooves. Warming up the crowd for the headliner, Los Wálters. Private School’s set carried a steady upbeat and vibrant mood at 1306 Miami which set the tone for the night.


Los Wálters

Synth Pop group, Los Wálters from Puerto Rico, took the stage at 1306 in Miami, Florida to an energetic and enthused audience. The electric vibes were pronounced. As Los Wálters jumped from one track to the next, as everyone shouted lyrics to their songs.

Just before the beginning of the set, the guitarist of Los Wálters placed tinsel on his keyboards, enhancing the onstage aesthetics. Then confetti was thrown into air in celebration of their first song, which was an upbeat dance track with colorful melodies and synthetic grooves.

As Los Wálters’ performance built up energy, the audience danced and swayed to the tunes. It was apparent that the majority of the audience were quite familiar with the band’s music catalogue. They even knew the words to most of their songs, thoroughly embracing the band as they sang along to almost every track!

There was definitely a sense of patriotism in the mostly Latin American crowd at 1306 Miami that night. When Los Wálters proudly announced they originated from Puerto Rico, the crowd responded with cheers of excitement. Los Wálters were exuberant to be performing in Miami that night, making it known to the audience of dancing onlookers.

As the night went on, the songs became darker. With beats more reminiscent of 80’s Goth, the courtyard resonated with a sense of nostalgia that wasn’t the typical 305. But what was most pronounced as a cohesive band were their Pop influences from an era decades before our own.

Coverage by Jesse Gene Samuel and Kristi Lynx

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