Orville Peck: The Man Behind the Fringe Curtain Comes to the Wild West


A new cowboy is in town and he’s pulling on everyone’s heart strings. A man of love, tragedy, and above all — mystery. This outlaw’s name is Orville Peck. A sturdy voice that'll straddle your heart, songwriting that will haunt your subconsciousness, and a pair of piercing blue eyes that’ll set your chaps on fire. Where does this sensitive culprit hail from? Although it seems like Peck appeared out of nowhere, he’s actually been under all of our noses for years. In interviews, he speaks of most of his music career spent in different punk bands. From 2008 to 2013, he was drummer to a popular Vancouver punk/grunge trio off Suicide Squeeze Records as well as another grunge band that stemmed off afterwards. This isn’t Orville Peck’s first rodeo but nevermind his past projects for now because his present spotlight is currently striking gold and deserving of our full attention.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Peck talks of discovering his love for country in early adolescence. In the interview he also compares the ironic similarities between the punk music of his past with the country music of which he has begun to fully embrace. Challenging the “typical” standard of country music, Peck incorporates a range of darker styles such as shoe-gaze, dream-pop, and goth. Although he’s quite the enigma, this secretive cowboy has shared some of his influences being Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton. Glimpses of Peck’s possible David Lynch influences and aesthetic can be spotted and heard in “Dead of Night”. This most streamed single consists of guitar licks that belong at The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks’ paired with an equally Lynch-like styled music video.Throughout the album Pony, you may hear a wide range of Peck’s other likely music influences. Are you hearing Elvis? Roy Orbison? Morrissey? Your brain may want to categorize this buckaroo with similar sounding artists, but the truth is YOU JUST CAN’T. That’s why everyone is falling in love with him (including us) because you can’t tie him down to anything.  You’re hearing true classic country but you’re also experiencing no wave, indie-pop, and goth. His music is captivating, his voice is melting, and his songwriting is true blue and genuine. Throughout his beautifully arranged album, Orville sings his heart out about sexuality, finding yourself, toxic relationships, going through dark periods, and cold heartbreak.Orville Peck’s classic influences have birthed a new sound so raw, timeless, and as refreshing as a tall glass of cold ice tea on a California hot summer’s day.

The wild west is wild about Orville and now he’s finally giving us a TWO-DAY long rodeo at the Troubadour in none other than the beautiful, West Hollywood. August 17th and 18th are to be hosted by two glorious Los Angeles drag queens, Meatball and Pinche! Both of these nights are already sold out as well as his San Diego performance at the Casbah on August 15th and August 14th at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Catch Orville peck at the following tour dates listed below, and follow this new country star on everything you got if you got it because he’s something special you’re going to want to stay posted on.





The Observatory

Santa Ana, CA, United States



Casbah (SOLD OUT)

San Diego, CA, United States



Troubadour Residency (SOLD OUT)

West Hollywood, CA, United States



Troubadour (SOLD OUT)

West Hollywood, CA

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Coverage by Sade De La Espriella

Cover image courtesy of Google Images

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