P!NK brings empowering Beautiful Trauma World Tour to the Amway Arena in Orlando


P!NK returned to Orlando last night for her Beautiful Trauma World Tour at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The last time Orlando saw P!NK was The Truth About Love Tour which saw her play 142 sold out shows across 13 countries. In August 2017, P!NK released a new single, “What About Us”, the first release form her seventh studio album: Beautiful Trauma. It quickly rose to the top of the Billboard 200 and sold over 408 thousand copies of the album in the first week it was released. P!NK shared a story with the crowd about how her first concert was about 18 years ago in Orlando and it is no surprise that she has since moved on to filling the Amway Center.

The night opened with DJ KidCutUp. With an energetic mix of old school Hip-Hop, Pop, and classic party Rock, he got the crowd on their feet and signing along to some favorite hits. His pre-show mix can be found here

As the lights dimmed and the crowd cheered, a single performer came out with a recorder and performed a rendition of the 20th Century Fox Theme song on the recorder. Although an unexpected way to open the show, it set the humorous and unique tone for the set.

Entering on a giant chandelier, P!NK opened with a cover of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. The crowd went wild as she sang every note perfectly while doing flips 20 feet in air off a chandelier. With moving set pieces, 10 dancers, back up singers, and a live band; it was clear that this was not a show but   rather a production.

“Wow” is the only word necessary to describe this show. When P!NK wasn’t flying through the air, she was delivering tight choreography with her dancers or interacting with the crowd all while singing live. Unlike other modern pop performers, her brightly colored set pieces and flashy costumes added to an already amazing performance.

Despite a production level that could rival any Broadway performance, P!NK’s raw emotion still powered the show. Included in the performance were two videos that highlighted the compassionate side of P!NK. The first showed her work with UNICEF and other human rights campaigns. The other a transcript of her 2017 VMA acceptance speech about her daughter and androgyny.

Even with a 23 song setlist, there was hardly enough time for all of her hits plus songs from her new album Beautiful Trauma. The night came to an end with a 2 song encore. The first was her hit song “So What” paired with an acrobatic routine 50 feet about the crowd that would rival any Cirque Du Soleil performance. On a more humble note, in just jeans and a t-shirt, P!NK closed the night with “Glitter in the Air.”

P!NK’s Beautiful Trauma tour runs until June 2nd. This show not only sets the bar for other concerts, it is the bar. This is a high flying spectacle you do not want to miss. For tour dates and ticket information, check out whataboutus.pinkspage.com.

Coverage by Jessica Matilszki (@jmatilszki)

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