Pond's sold out galactic show sweeps adoring fans off their feet at the Teregram Ballroom


Australia's Pond and Fascinator captured audiences on Monday night at their sold out show at Teregram Ballroom. The galactic showcase grabbed audiences attention with quizzical melodies as Fascinator opened the show. Their spacey Matrix like attire and aquatic setting placed the audience in a deep entranced mindset. The lead singer interacted playfully with the audience as they joyfully bantered back and forth. He mentioned to the crowd his gratitude to Pond and their staff. He had left his shoes in San Diego the night before and the staff member quickly replaced them for him the next day. Fascinator's ensemble incorporates classical rhythms with an out of this world synthesized edge.




Audience members were over joyed with Pond's presence as they stepped playfully unto the stage. Their sold out galactic show left the audience with a smile from ear to ear. Crowd surfers overturned on each other and crowd goers bounced up and down to each performance. Pond's performance was reminiscent of a supernatural glam opera since each song has an unique musical storyline. Each flawless performance engrossed audience members as they shouted for more songs. Their innovative composition and puzzling lyrics grab the listener's immediate attention. Their otherworldly live performance is a memorable musical experience through alien atmospheres. Their on-stage chemistry and powerful camaraderie is heavily present as each band member playfully interacts with each other. Catch Pond on their U.S Tour! It's an ethereal performance that should not be missed. For more information, tour dates, and their album, visit www.pondband.net/


Coverage by Sumin Choi and Veronica Potes of SoundBite Magazine

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