Saying everything LovelyTheBand could never say...


Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room was rocked by Indie-Pop band lovelytheband from California. Lovelytheband had the venue lit with blue, red and yellow neon headlights that was shone on the crowd, along with thumping beats, melodic lyrics and guitar riffs. 'Make me feel pretty" was the opening song on the setlist of the show, with its upbeat beach boy vibe. Shaking up the crowd with the song 'emotions', allowing the lyrics to run through your veins. Blue and pink headlights are being moved in various of directions as arms are tossed up into the air as your head starts to bob to the beat.

The night proceeds the venue becomes crowded to the point of bodies being passing through the crowd to get to the bar. Lovelytheband's soothing and groovy beats with a catchy lyrics, bring strangers to singtogether and enjoying the feeling of joy as the band is jamming. Half though lovelytheband setlist, the band surprises the crowd with a cover from 'Change Your Mind" by Dillion Francis and 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers, which, the crowd went ballistics and sung out every word as the memories starts to roll in for most.

Lovelytheband consist of Mitchy Collins as vocalist, Jordan Greenwald as guitar and Sam Price as drums. The band debuted their single "Broken" in 2017, which became on of their most known single, after signing Another Century Records (Sony RED Music). The single quickly earned over three million streams on Spotify, which is currently streamed over 109 million times. The single has charted on several Billboard charts, such as, Alternative Songs, Rock Airplay for several weeks. It has also charted to Billboard first 10 Radio Song and top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100.

"Everything I Could Never Say" was released in September 2017, as their first EP and "These Are My Friends' as their first single in 2018. With the quick success lovelytheband received on their EP, they released their debut album "Finding It Hard to Smile" in August 2018. First headlining tour "Broken Like Me" traveled from Canada to the US. Stopping in the UK, has landed lovelytheband an opening set on the 5 Seconds of Summer Tour which helped build their fanbase into a larger and stronger one. as they visited many cities. Currently, lovelytheband is on second headlining tour "Finding It Hard To Smile', in support of their debut full-length album which has the same title. Traveling to 28 cities, lasting for 4 months, New Dialogue and Modern Whale as the opening act for Fort Lauderdale show.

Coverage by Tia Powell

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