Soccer Mommy kicking off their tour with their Album Release in Nashville


It is hard to think of Nashville without thinking of country music, but Soccer Mommy is putting Nashville in the map for its side that is almost never talked about and that is indie music. Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy is Nashville’s star on the rise. She usually describes her music as “chill but kinda sad” which is a quite accurate description. The first show of Soccer Mommy’s extended U.S. tour started in Allison’s hometown of Nashville with an album release show with a suggested formal dress code. The show was at The East Room, an intimate venue with a capacity of approximately 200 people. The purpose of the tour is to promote the Soccer Mommy’s first album Clean. There are other albums before Clean, but they are made up of bedroom recordings and reworked songs. Clean, is the first studio album containing purely new songs. 

The songs on Clean explore themes about wanting to be someone else, relationship disappointments, and at the end realizing the harm of pretending to be someone else. In “Cool” Allison sings about being careless and sentimentally unattached, while in “Skin” she hopes to be the reason for making someone’s stomach tied and still being in love with someone. Allison has a talent for writing lyrics that resonate with people, and even though the things she writes about are very common in the lyrical world she still finds a way to deliver it in a unique and refreshing way. Within months of the release, her album has been considered as one of the best releases of the year and the critical acclaim has gotten her slots in various upcoming festivals in the U.S. and internationally. 

During the show, the Soccer Mommy played a lot of the songs from Clean while also going over songs from her previous material. The band manages to bring an energetic rock twist into the performance without steering away too much from the album’s original sound. The set could go from a full band performance full of dynamics to a chill emotional solo performance by Allison. Whether listening to the record or the band live is not hard to it is not hard to become indulged by the melodic indie riffs, Sophie’s charming vocals soaked in a small amount of reverb and her way of delivery.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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