St. Lucia: The Hyperion Tour


With the instant classic release of “When the Night” in 2013, followed by a three-year hiatus before the group’s follow-up album “Matter,” it is not surprise the band utilized another lengthy absence of two years to craft their latest project, “Hyperion.” These long stretches, however, do not come from a lack of inspiration or desire. Instead, they reflect the care and attention put into each track of an album before the ultimate culmination of the musical work. This time around, too, singer, synth-player and wife, Patti Beranek, added an interesting twist to the writing and creative process by bearing and giving birth to Indy, her and front man Jean-Philip Grobler’s child.

Recently, the group brought their brief Hyperion tour to Houston’s White Oak Music Hall and packed out the Downstairs venue on Sunday night.  Bandmates Ross Clark, Nick Paul, and Dustin Kaufman joined Beranek and Grobler for an hour and a half of hit after hit, playing songs from deep within the group’s discography – back to their six-track self-titled release “St. Lucia” from 2012 – and masterfully mixing in countless tracks from “Hyperion.” Backlit by tremendously vibrant colors and with hair constantly wind-blown by a personal fan as if in a shampoo commercial, Grobler traversed the entirety of the stage, mixing and mingling with band mates as he effortlessly ripped through the night’s setlist.

Fortunately for fans, Grobler even made his way into the audience, allowing fans to encircle him for the better part of “Love Somebody.” Not one to shy away from the camera either, Grobler took numerous selfies during the crowd visit and allowed fans to hug and touch him as he returned to the stage. At this time, Indy had disappeared from the elevated seating in the rear to do as small children do and go to sleep, but the crowd could not have been more opposite. Energy was high throughout the whole set, and fans were visibly disappointed, though full-hearted, when the evening finally came to a close.

Photography by Marshall Heins II 

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