Uncover The Unconventional & Peculiar Ways Of Musical And Artistic Expression With Deadborns Track and Video "The West"


Deadborns is a band created from the ashes of misery and death, wreckage and sludge pressurized until a razor sharp diamond is born. Lindsay, Fernando and Drew blend a fierce psychedelic potion of soul, doo-wop, rhythm and blues shrouded in darkness and gloom.

Deadborns seems to have uncovered the peculiar that lines within us all through their collection and admiration of the beautifully decayed, forgotten, and unconventionally weird content that is shown in their musical and cinematic expression. The undoubtedly beautiful album art, poetically estranged lyrical content, impressively plunging melodies and instrumentals, and captivating cinematic aesthetic makes the track, "The West," stand-alone from its competition.

They seemed to have created dark but illuminating abstractions with various tempos and movement throughout "The West" video, which gives an almost paranormal and extra-terrestrial illusion. Deadborns seems to be aware and precise when it comes to their craft and execution. The attention to detail when just watching "The West" video gives chills, the contrast of blacks and whites, use of light, variety of textures, allusion of movement, use of symmetry, perspective, and tonal range shows just shows the amount of passion, dedication, and thought these artists have for artistic expression. They just prove that individual authenticity, respect for art, and genuine drive for making art still exists and is very much thriving.

They have rhymes of unapologetic statements that riddle off the tongue and create tragic confessions of realization and disconnect. "It'll end just like time, It'll end like you and I Save your prayers for someone who cares", there is not an ounce of sympathy or chance of reconciliation in the lyrics of this song, the damage is done and nothing else is owed. They create a sense of both power and peace with the psychedelic instrumentals that seem to build and erupt towards the end of the song letting the ponet emotions linger freely through the atmosphere.

This is just the beginning for these Florida natives; you will see the beautiful destruction and havoc they create on their promising musical journey. For more information and tracks, visit https://deadborns.bandcamp.com/releases.

Coverage by Alexis Karr and Photography by Victor Morais

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