Sunday Nights are Better with Brother Moses


Sunday nights are usually reserved for catching up on HBO shows or doing last minute laundry before the start of the workweek. However, I got to spend mine in a much more exciting way at NYC’s Mercury Lounge, with Fayetteville, Arkansas based indie-alternative band Brother Moses.


Led by lead singer Blake Baugher, the band dazzled an intimate crowd with high energy, passion and most of The NYC performance was the last stop on their tour before going back to Arkansas in conjunction with their latest album release titled Magnolia. Brother Moses presents an interesting version of the indie genre in that they range from mellow single vocal ballads, to an almost rock and roll sound. They played songs from their older EP’s: Legends and Thanks for All Your Patience, as well as a majority of Magnolia, ending the concert with the last three songs from the album.


Blake, the front man displayed a great deal of showmanship and enthusiasm for the duration of the show. While rocking out on his guitar (actually a little too hard early on because one of the strings of his guitar ripped and he proceeded to play the majority of the show on 5 strings) he was always moving and grooving, as well as engaging with other members of the band. Not to be forgotten was the vocal range he displayed between soft acoustic melodies and the harder, livelier songs.


I really enjoyed the performance that night and it seemed that the rest of the crowd did as well.  Their fun presence and simply put, good music, is definitely worth checking out. Magnolia is out on Spotify and iTunes and be sure to catch Brother Moses when they’re in your neck of the woods.

Coverage by Mike Golembo

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