Symphonic Spiritual Awakening with Spiritualized at the Troubadour


Can you witness a spiritual experience at a live concert?

Your views on spirituality and the connection to music may be swayed during Spiritualized's celestial concert and heavenly spacey discography. Audience members were blessed by a two hour performance at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. The sold-out show was the first California tour date for Spiritualized’s highly anticipated North American tour. Fans traveled from across the United States for a chance to attend this once in a lifetime event. Avid Spiritualized fans waited outside of the iconic venue two hours prior to doors opening to grab their ideal spot for the intimate set. As patrons crossed the streets during the abundant rush hour traffic in West Hollywood, they could spot a line on the corner of the street wrapping around the block.

Once doors opened, jittery fans crowded into the venue and stood their ground for the forthcoming psychedelic experience. As the lights dimmed throughout the rustic venue, the audience screamed and stepped closer to the stage. Jason Pierce and an array of artists stepped down from the second floor unto the compact stage filled with various instruments. Joining Jason Pierce on stage were multi-instrumentalists of guitarists, bassist, and keyboardist, drummer, and an angelic choir. Jason Pierce sat down at the edge of the stage beside two microphones. Resting under his silver sneaker with dots compromising an “R” was his bright pedal board. Behind the singer, a dazzling tangerine-colored guitar with a shadow on the black strap labeled, “Space...”

The audience was overjoyed when the experimental sounds beamed from the various instruments and the lights lit the stage as a multi-colored kaleidoscope. They sang along to each track off from Spiritualized’s discography and setlist. The tightly filled room was engulfed with an overlay of synthesizers, fuzz riffs, and serene vocals. The elevation between vocals from Jason Pierce deep singing and the heavenly choir intensified the pitch of each lyric. An ecstatic audience front row audience member shouted loudly after each track to evoke the similar compassion and excitement felt within the Los Angeles venue.

The faces of audience members were glazed over as their eyes were fixated on the stage throughout the concert. The illuminated backdrop was filled with a fascinating light show comprised of symbols from Spiritualized’s last album and lights reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis. Along with the intense imagery was the symbolism of the tracks performed. Tracks such as “Come Together” and "Shine a Light” drew audience members closer to the stage and entranced by the elevating melodies and alluring visuals. Listening to tracks such as "Stay With Me," "Broken Heart,” and "She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit),” left audience members reminiscing about their first love and first heartbreak. It was a heartfelt experience listening to the beloved tracks live since the pain of heartbreak and intensity of a lover’s romance could be felt through the artist’s touching lyrics.

The audience’s mood was elevated from reminiscing of unrequited love to feelings of bliss with the warm and enriching tracks, “Let’s Dance” and “I’m Your Man.” Audience members held unto their loved ones tightly and swayed with them during the moving sets. Spiritualized’s provocative and psychedelic live experience leaves you with an unfathomable ethereal feeling. Listeners revisit many nostalgic moments brought through a metaphysical live musical performance.

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Hold On
Come Together
Shine a Light
Stay With Me
Soul on Fire
She Kissed Me
Broken Heart
A Perfect Miracle
I'm Your Man
Here It Comes (The Road) Let's Go
Let's Dance
On the Sunshine
The Morning After
The Prize
Sail on Through


So Long You Pretty Thing

Out of Sight

Oh Happy Day

Hold on

Coverage and Photography by Veronica Potes

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