Taali Combines Jewish Heritage and Contemporary Pop with New Album “I Am Here”


In a world saturated with red-carpet glamour and Hollywood bravado, where shallow facades and trend-driven performers catch our eye, it’s the exceptional musician whose rich sense of culture and natural charm can truly draw us in.

And luckily for up-and-coming artist and co-founder of Rainbow Blonde Records, Taali, these vital ingredients are ones already radiating throughout her music in the form of heartfelt melodies and rich personal stories of triumph, adversity, and ancestry.  

In fact, this vibrant Manhattan-native doesn’t shy away from her cultural upbringing. Rather, the empowering tales of Judaic activists as well as the strong women in Taali’s life serve as major inspirations for her creative process and can be found highlighted throughout the budding artist’s debut album, I Am Here.

Released on March 22nd via Rainbow Blonde Records, Taali’s first musical offering is a celebration of both heritage and personal identity through complex compositions and contemporary attitudes.  

Traditional Jewish melodies can be found seamlessly incorporated with avant-electronic pop elements and serve as “not-so-hidden gems” in a sea of light but powerful layered vocals. And while interludes such as “For Michal” are flush with family history, spirited tracks such as “Plunge” and “Star” tell personal stories which spark new life into classic rhythms.

For while she dips a toe into the familiar, Taali’s success comes from the invention of a blended sound that’s truly all her own. And luckily for listeners, Taali, like her family before her, has chosen to share wholeheartedly.

For upcoming performances and the latest news, follow Taali on social media and check out her website here.

Image Courtesy of Google Images

Coverage by Jessica Nakamoto

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