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Lilac Kings: Artists on the Rise

Moderation within itself can be deceptively complex. But when you find balance, everything can fall into place with a somewhat intrinsic harmony.

Cue Lilac Kings, an up-and-coming Tulsa-based outfit who’ve clearly run with this sentiment and elevated it to new heights.

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Hometown Hero, Dorothy, Recieves a Warm Welcome at the San Diego House of Blues

For San Diego locals, hometown hero, Dorothy Martin, is a must see act. And based on the size of the crowd that poured into the San Diego House of Blues on a cold and rainy Wednesday evening, it was obvious that fans clearly felt the same.

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Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes U.S. Tour ends on a high note at the Orpheum Los Angeles

With the announcements of Radiohead’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Academy Award shortlist nomination of his song “Suspirium,” Thom Yorke ends his tour and the year on a high note.

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