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South Florida Musical Journey with MUTEMATH and Colony House at the Fillmore Miami Beach

On September 29, 2017 my mind was expanded past anything I ever expected from a night of music headlined by MuteMath. Accompanied by Romes then Colony House, the night was filled with an energy I didn’t expect from a house nearly empty.

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MUTEMATH's Play Dead Live Tour featuring Romes and Colony House

New Orleans natives MUTEMATH took the stage in St. Petersburg Florida on Sept. 30th after the release of their fifth album Play Dead. The band had experienced a minor set back before the tour began with the unexpected and upsetting news of their long time drummer Darren King leaving the band. The band's vocalist Paul Meany was ultimately faced with a dilemma in determining the future of the band, he decided to call up an old friend to fill the void and join the band on their Play Dead Live Tour.

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