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Los Angeles band, Analog Party, honor Rock n’ Roll in all of its glory

For any Rock band trying to make it in today’s Pop sphere, it’s not an easy feat. The late 2010s have been all about sleek electronic Pop and Trap, leaving Rock unofficially declared as “dead” everywhere you look. Los Angeles band, Analog Party, is well aware of this shift and want to make a statement with their music, eager to bring back the primal and organic quality of the Rock music they grew up loving. Comprised of lead singer, Ani, and bassist, Charles Horin, the duo’s influences range from Psychedelic and Classic Rock to Grunge, Industrial and Alternative Rock that dominates the ’90s.

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Franz Ferdinand: Has Scottish Indie Rock Always Sounded This Good?

One would be hard pressed to find a music fan, or casual listener, alive during the early 2000s that didn’t hear and/or fall in love with the charismatic sound of Franz Ferdinand. Formed in 2002, the group released two singles “Dart’s of Pleasure” and “Take Me Out” which both received critical acclaim, though “Take Me Out” certainly seemed to be and remains the fan favorite from the group. Their debut, self-titled album, Franz Ferdinand, was released in 2004 and led the group to a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album, and the Mercury Prize

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On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons Evolve World Tour

Fans were not disappointed as the band took to the stage with dramatic flair to perform for their Evolve World Tour at the Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA. The band appeared together surrounded by drums, bright lights, and loud sounds. They immediately moved to their places on stage and gave an entertaining, high-energy performance to one of their first hit songs "Radioactive." Imagine Dragons played to a full arena. Parents came with their children, and adults’ of all ages showed up to see them, showing just how diverse their fan base is. By the third song Dan Reynolds was shirtless and owned the stage. Imagine Dragons know how to put on a good show; streams of confetti fell from the ceiling and filled up the stage. They switched instruments, from drums to piano. They all perform. The vibe and atmosphere was electric.

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