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Disconnecting and Creating with The Voidz

What do you get when you mix blasts of color, retro-fashion, and synth-infused tribal beats? Enter The Voidz.

Musical director and lead singer, Julian Casablancas’ collaborative project, The Voidz, is an outlet for the artist’s creative and experimental artistry. This isn’t Julian Casablancas’ only music outlet, he owns his own independent record label and store, Cult Records, featuring The Voidz! Also, in between managing a record label and touring with his group, Julian Casablancas continues to tour with The Strokes, which created the foundation of his music endeavors. Exploration is key for The Voidz which is embarked on through innovative mediums. The Voidz’ creativity ranges from multi-colored cinema, foreign instruments and subliminal imagery in their songs, and retro-inspired merchandise.

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New York trio Sunflower Bean returns with Sophomore Album Twentytwo in Blue

Sunflower Bean is a New York alternative trio with post-punk influences and psychedelia. The band was Founded Nick Kivlen and Jacob Faber. The name comes from Kivlen’s sunflower seeds obsessions and Fabor's love for coffee. The two later decided to add Julia Cumming to their lineup as lead singer and bass player.

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Canadian Punks, Spanish Poetry, and Bloody Smiles with Chastity, MOURN, and Playboi Carti at the Observatory

Canadian Punk Rockers, Chastity, raw performance at the Constellation Room evoked locals to randomly jump into the audience at other's bewilderment. Their storytelling music videos catches the viewer's attention with contrasting rhythms from dreamlike vocals to heavy instrumentals. The ethereal track, "Heaven Hell Anywhere Else," enraptures listeners with elevating melodies and intense percussion. This daydreaming track was the first single off of their debut album, "Death Lust." The album was released on July 13th on Captured Tracks. Their hefty track, "Children" is reminiscent of 90's Alternative Rock accompanied by a chilling tale depicted in their music video of young angst. Catch Chastity on tour and listen to more tracks here.

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Erra Delivers A High-Energy Sold Out Performance at The Observatory Santa Ana

Post-hardcore quintet, Sianvar, are a busy bunch. With members bringing in talent from their roles in additional bands such as Hail the Sun, A Lot Like Birds, and Stolas, it’s not uncommon for a member to play a double-set when on tour. This time around, it was guitarist, Will Swan (Sianvar and Dance Gavin Dance), who wowed the audience with a stellar opening and headlining performance.

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Minus The Bear Celebrate Planet of Ice 10 Year Anniversary with the Observatory

One way to assess the merit of art is longevity. When a record comes along that stands the test of time, you know you’ve got something special. For Minus the Bear, their 2007 LP Planet of Ice has proven itself. Released on Suicide Squeeze Records, Planet of Ice is packed with intricate synthesizers and mathematical riffs. Since April the band has been playing an 8 week tour to mark 10 years since its release. With supporting acts The Coathangers and The New Trust The tour was a special one for fans as it consists of Planet of Ice played in its entirety.

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How Lo Moon's Intriguingly Soft Atmospheric Sound With A Punch Of Titanium Pop Will Make Audiences Remember Their Name

Lo Moon brings a tragically uplifting feel to the music they create, with heartbreaking lyric content, that are most prevalent in the songs "Real Love," "This Is It," "Thrones," and "The Right Thing." But the trio of Sam Stewart, Cristanta Baker, and Matt Lowell bring a vivid light by contrasting the lyrics with pop instrumentals that produce a beautiful balance.

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