Tame Impala: Summer Tour and SoundBite’s Top Five Tracks


Psychedelic group, Tame Impala from Perth, Australia was created by frontman Kevin Parker in 2007. Kevin Parker produces, writes, and arranges most of the group’s songs himself. He posted a few tracks onto MySpace and was noticed by several record labels. Soon, he added touring musicians to the group to help with live shows. They went on to release their debut self titled EP which earned a number one spot on the Australian Independent Record Labels’ chart.

In early 2009, Tame Impala released the single “Sundown Syndrome” which was featured in the film The Kids Are Alright. They spent the rest of 2009 performing at festivals and preparing for their upcoming album release. In May 2010, Tame Impala released their debut album Innerspeaker. Following the release of this highly acclaimed album, the band opened for the band MGMT on their American tour. Tame Impala then went on a headline tour in the United States and Canada with numerous sold out shows.

In 2012, Tame Impala released their album Lonerism. This album was huge for Kevin Parker because he viewed it as a “departure” from the old music. It was more vulnerable, and displayed a wider variety of sounds. This album earned many awards, and Tame Impala became the first Australian group to win NME’s album of the year. This album led to Tame Impala’s first Coachella performance and a performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

In 2015 the highly anticipated album, Currents, released. Parker said that one of the main influences of this album was R&B. He traded guitars for synthesizers, which made it sound less psychedelic rock and more synth-pop. This album featured iconic basslines, mesmerizing synth, and aspects of Parker’s voice that no other Tame Impala album had seen before. In early 2019 the group released the songs “Patience,” and “Borderline.” These tracks have their fans excited for more new music and the summer tour.

To prepare for their upcoming tour, here are our top five Tame Impala tracks:



“The Less I Know the Better” was released as a single off of the album, Currents, and is the most popular from the album. The song’s memorable funky baseline and upbeat synth are a sharp contrast from the lyrics. The lyrics are from the point of view of a guy who has been left by a girl for someone else. Kevin Parker wanted this song to have a particularly “gnarly” bass riff to accompany the lyrics so it would be a stand out. It definitely accomplished that, and is one that will stick with fans forever.



“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is a track off the album Lonerism that is a prime example of Tame Impala’s take on Psychedelic Rock. It provides a glimpse into a relationship that the singer felt was not progressing. The chorus plays with this message, repeating over and over as if nothing is moving forward- but the instrumental is constantly changing. This song is definitely one that stands out, and many have praised it as a masterpiece that is capable of taking listeners to another world.



“Let It Happen” is the explosive introduction to the album Currents. Much like the other tracks on Currents, the euphoric instrumental is paired with vulnerable lyrics. The lyrics seem uneasy, as if Parker is being held down by life and all that comes with it. The chorus is almost taunting, just saying “Let It Happen.” It was a unexpected, yet perfect way to kick off the album.



“Apocalypse Dreams” is another standout track from the band’s album Lonerism. Kevin Parker considers the album as one where he was trying to find his place in the world, and coming to terms with the changes. This song features more beautiful, mesmerizing instrumentals. The band does a different take on this song at shows, and fans have praised it as the most powerful song they’ve ever seen live.



“Patience” is the first single Tame Impala released after a four year break. This highly anticipated song begins with catchy piano, and transforms with synth. The lyrics, “Just growin' up in stages, livin' life in phases. Another season changes, and still my days are shapeless” show the progress Parker has made. He is taking his advice from “Let It Happen” and letting things progress gradually. This release has left fans excited for more new music, and was a great comeback release.

Information and tickets for Tame Impala’s upcoming tour can be found on their website.

Coverage by Drayton Peterson and Photography by Veronica Potes

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