Tell All Your Friends Okey Dokey Is Back


Okey Dokey is becoming one of Nashville’s favorite contemporary bands. With genre-bending songs featuring Motown, R&B, and psychedelia. The charismatic band consists of frontman Aaron Martin and guitarist Johny Fisher. The band’s formation is part of the aftermath of the breakup of Sol Cat, a band in which Fisher was part of. Searching to create something different, him and Martin decided to join forces and start a new project. The two of them went to Fisher’s cabin to write songs for several days and when they came back, they had written the whole album and proceeded to recruit members from local bands like The Weeks, Rayland Baxter, and Sol Cat for the recording process. The collaborative approach they had with their first album Love You, Mean It gave the record a unique sound.

Okey Dokey began to write their second album with the same collaborative mindset as their first album and again they recruited several musicians including local legends; Erin Rae, Liz Cooper, and Rayland Baxter. In Tell All Your Friend we find the band’s signature sound of Motown and psychedelia that made listeners fall in love with them. The instrumentation and production on this record sound very ambitious and well executed. To celebrate their sophomore album, Tell All Your Friend which comes out sometime in March, the band played a home show at the Mercy Lounge. The show featured supporting acts, Harpooner and Skyway Man. The attendees ranged in ages and from 18-year-olds to people in their forties which is the universality that their music has, they can have hipster listeners as well as Americana fans and from other genres and they all can coexist in their shows. The stage setup was decorated by Martin, who is also in charge of a lot of the band’s visual artwork.

The band’s extended setlist consisted of the new songs while also playing favorites from the first record. Throughout the set, the band was joined by Erin Rae and other musical guests. After what was a very energetic and devoted performance the band hung out with their fans and signed merchandise. Okey Dokey has the power of making first-time listener’s feel connected to the song in a nostalgic way as if they had grown up listening to it all the time but at the same time, it feels fresh and new. The band will continue to tease listeners with a new single every two weeks until the release date, but if you just cannot wait to hear Tell All Your Friend you can get a copy at any of their live shows.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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